State/District Benefits Programs


    GROUP LIFE INSURANCE - This $25,000 life insurance policy is purchased for you by the Smyrna School District. You must register to be covered. Coverage begins the day you begin employment with the district and ceases the day you leave full-time employment.
    SICK LEAVE - Full-time district employees are entitled to one sick leave day per month of employment. All sick leave is available at the beginning of the fiscal year, (July 1), and may be used for illness of employee, family member or for medical appointments. Each year, three sick leave days may be used as personal leave. If three days are not used for personal leave they are carried over to the next year as sick leave. Unused sick leave may be accumulated with no limit and remains on the books when you leave state employment and is restored to you if, and when, you return to state service. If you have been employed by another state agency at any time, please inform us so that we may request verification of your accumulated sick leave.

    VACATION LEAVE - 12-month employees accrue vacation on a monthly basis. This time is added on the last day of each month of service and may be taken only after it is earned. Up to 42 days of unused vacation time may be carried over at the end of each year. Vacations will be scheduled through, and are subject to, the approval of the employee’s supervisor. Vacation is accrued according to the current S.E.A. contract:
    • For first five years - 3 weeks (15 days) – 1.75 days per month
    • After five years - 4 weeks (20 Save days) - 2.17 days per month
    These figures includes Christmas break (usually 4 or 5 days). Which will automatically be deducted in late December. The figures vary from year to year depending how Christmas falls.
    TUITION REIMBURSEMENT - Tuition reimbursement is available to all full time employees wishing to continue their education.

    To receive reimbursement, course tuition reimbursement requests must be approved by the Superintendent prior to the start of the course, a passing grade of B or better must be obtained, and the actual request for reimbursement must be made within 90 days from the end of the course.

    Tuition reimbursement does not cover student activity, registration or book fees. Forms for tuition reimbursement may be found in this packet, at each school, and at Central Office. Up to two classes may be requested on each form; list each class separately.
    Reimbursement is made twice a year as outlined in the policy. A completed payment voucher must be submitted along with a copy of the grade and proof of payment, such as a copy of a receipt marked paid, a cancelled check, or a credit card receipt.

    STAFF RESOURCES – Staff can find many of the forms you need to change your Direct Deposit, change of address, vacation, sick leave, personal leave, bereavement, Tuition Reimbursement, W-4, and many others district and state forms through our Staff Resource website.

    DEFERRED COMPENSATION - Deferred compensation is a benefit available to all regular state of Delaware employees. To sign up you can do it on line at
    PENSION - As a full time or regular part-time employee of the Smyrna School District, you are a member of the State Pension Plan. Your contributions are deducted from your pay at the rate described in the Delaware State Employees’ Pension Plan Booklet. A copy is on their web site at For more information, contact the Office of Pensions at 739-4208 or 1-800-722-7300.

    PAYCHECKS - As a School District Employee, you will be paid BI-weekly, every other Friday. Checks are mailed from the Treasurers office directly to the address we have in the Payroll system. As of September 1, 2009 the State will no longer send out pay advices, you will need to access ePay to see or print a pay advice at the following website , here you will be able to see your pay as early as two days prior to the current pay cycle and you will be able to see and print your last 18 pays. It is very important that you let us know if you have an address change, in writing as soon as possible W-2’s will not be forwarded and the state uses the information in the system when mailing pay advices and W-2’s.