• Our goal at Smyrna School District is to create a diverse and equitable environment where everyone feels valued and included. We're committed to educating our staff, students, and stakeholders, promoting tolerance and respect, and advocating against prejudice and discrimination. We're excited to embrace our community and empower every individual to reach their full potential.

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District Vision

  • The Smyrna School District envisions a diverse and equitable environment where all staff, students, and families feel safe, included, respected, and experience a sense of belonging.

District Mission

  • The Smyrna School District commits to providing a diverse and equitable environment. It is essential that all who enter our schools feel a sense of safety and belonging. Our goal is to embrace our community to ensure that there is an appreciation, knowledge, and acceptance of all of its members.

District Commitments

    • Dedicate educational resources to educate staff, students, and stakeholders.
    • Promote a school community that embraces tolerance and respect.
    • Engage in difficult conversations to identify needs and problem-solve solutions.
    • Educate and advocate against prejudice and discrimination.
    • Prepare students to live in an inclusive, ever-changing global community and world.