District Mission and Goals

  • Vision

    A Smyrna School District learner* is a healthy and employable reader, communicator, and problem-solver. 
    *Learners include students, teachers, and other employees.


    The Smyrna School District provides a high-quality inclusive, innovative, and safe learning environment for all internal and external stakeholders who are valued and treated with civility.

  • Goals

    Each goal is discussed individually with indicators of progress in the State of the Smyrna School District Report.
    1. Provide a safe, drug-free, positive school climate that allows students to succeed.
    2. Standardize the curriculum, instruction, assessment, and staff development, using test data and current research, in order to match the state standards so that all learners will demonstrate competency over challenging subjects.
    3. Maintain a strong relationship with parents as partners in the educational process of their children.
    4. Promote community support for the flexibility and adaptability to the school's changing needs in the area of population growth.
    5. Utilize the tools of technology by staff and students on a daily basis throughout the Smyrna School District.
    6. Promote the consensus values of the community as responsibility, compassion, integrity, perseverance, and respect.