•  Smyrna School District Office of Curriculum & Instruction  


    Smyrna students will have inclusive access to an inspired and exceptional education so that all may realize their academic promise and personal dreams.


    The Office of Curriculum and Instruction will make thoughtful, evidence-based decisions in an effort to provide leadership, resources, instructional strategies, and individualized support to educators in their pursuit of continuous, personalized, professional growth.


    Fundamental Principles & Commitments


     Attentive: We will be invested in our teachers with a focus on our students. 


     Open: We will be honest and transparent. 


     Informed: We will be research-based and discerning.


     Professional: We will be competent, committed, and accountable.


     Constant: We will consitent and persistence.


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  • Director of Curriculum:

    Kelly Holt

    Supervisor of Instruction:

    Ryan Buchanan

    Supervisor of Instruction:

    Dr. Kate Marvel

    Supervisor of Instruction:

    David Morrison

    District Math Instructional Specialist:

    Phil Wandless 

    District Social Studies Instructional Specialist:

    Sandra Hall

    District Science Instructional Specialist:

    Deb Morrison 

    District Instructional Technology Specialist:

    Justin Malin

    District Reading Instructional Specialist:

    Candace Kelly