• The Social Studes Department offers a wide variety of courses for students.   The Social Studies staff participates in the Delaware Recommended Curriculum from the State of Delaware to adequately prepare students for their End of Course Examination, their 11th grade year.  In addition, all teachers create their lessons using the Common Core State Standards for History & Literacy to create engaging classrooms and to prepare students for the Smarter Balance Assessments.
    Every student must participate in the recommended curriculum at Smyrna High School. Those courses are:
    • 9th Grade - Geography & Civics
    • 10th Grade - Economics and Personal Finance
    • 11th Grade - United States History
    • 12th Grade - World History
    For students who need additional help, Applied classes are offered in 11th and 12th grade Social Studies.
    Honors/AP Progression
    Smyrna High School offers a rigorous and diverse Honors/AP program for our students.  While students may take any combination of AP courses, the Social Studies department has identified two pathways for our students to follow.  These pathways give students the opportunity to take classes in a field in which they are interested.
    History Pathway:
    9th Grade - Civics and Geography Honors
    10th Grade - European History AP
    11th Grade - United States History AP (US History is a required course for all students)
    12th Grade - World History AP
    Social Science Pathway:
    9th Grade - Civics and Geography Honors
    10th Grade - Microeconomics and Macroeconomics AP
    11th Grade - United States History AP (US History is a required course for all students)
    12th Grade - Government and Politics AP
    Social Studies Electives
    Students also have the opportunity to take (non-AP) electives in a variety of topics.  These include:
    Criminal Law & Procedure  
    This course is designed to educate students about law that will be of practical use to them in their everyday lives. This course will provide students with an understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities, a knowledge of everyday legal problems, and the ability to analyze, evaluate and perhaps resolve legal disputes.
    This course will explore thought processes from birth through childhood to adulthood. Emphasis will be placed on the analysis of psychological theories and historical study of psychologists and their doctrines.
    History of Human Rights 
    This course is designed to help students gain cultural awareness and how individuals and groups overcame obstacles throughout history.  This course will use a variety of sources to help students interpret the struggles and outcomes associated with events in history such as the Holocaust, Women’s Suffrage, Civil Rights, and those of early modern times
    History of Conflict 
    This course is designed to reflect the history of both domestic and international warfare.  Students will analyze a variety of primary and secondary sources to gain an appreciation of military history.  Students will furthermore analyze the tactics and politics serving as the driving force behind the wars.