• "A good health is dependent on an individual's education and decision-making.  Our goal is to educate students to a wide variety of health concepts while providing resistance skills to unhealthy behaviors."
    Course offerings:
    Health (semester)
    Physical Education1 (semester)
    Physical Education2 (semester)
    Health Advocacy (11-12) 
    Bigger, Faster, Stronger (11-12)


    Health and Physical Education Department Teachers:


    Ms. Schafer, Ms. Simmens, Mr. Mears, Mr. Judy, Mr. Schultz


    Physical Education Course Description:
    Students will be fully engaged in a fitness-based physical education curriculum. Content will be taught through daily notes and discussion (on anatomy, health-related fitness, and nutrition concepts) and activities including focuses on cardiovascular training, muscular strength and endurance, modified weight training, body movement, flexibility, and gross motor
    Daily Participation is graded each day on the three categories listed below.
    Physical Health Improvement and Maintenance
    -This is the daily participation grade on effort and work ethic through physical activity. Maintaining full points is based on the student’s ability to meet the demand/intensity of the workout required.
    Affective Understanding in a PE Setting
    -This grade is based on the student’s ability to work with others/promoting a learning/positive environment, the student’s etiquette, treating of equipment, following of directions, Dress code, and Hygiene.
    Cognitive Understanding of Content
    -This is a separate grade from other assignments and tests on content mastery. This grade is based on observation and informal checking for understanding. To maintain this grade, students must demonstrate the ability to use correct technique through workouts, participation in notes, and participation in any informal checking for understanding. (This part of participation addresses the nonphysical participation needed to be successful in physical education.)


    Daily Requirements:
    1.) Appropriate Attire: includes athletic sneakers with non-marking soles, athletic socks, T-shirt/sweatshirt with sleeves, and athletic shorts/pants. T-shirts must be RED, grey, black or white. School Dress code still applies.


    2.) Notebook (3-Ring Binder) and pen/pencil: Notebooks will be used every day. Students will need something to write with every day. Notebooks and pencils will be stored in PE lockers.
    There will be a deduction of Daily Participation grade if students do not follow the daily requirements.
    Procedure forNon-Participation:


    P.E. 1 and P.E. 2 are required by the state of Delaware for graduation. Each course is one semester in length and counts ½ a credit. The student must meet dress requirements and participate in order to obtain credit.


    Students that do not follow participation requirements (unprepared for class, choosing to sit-out, or removal from the day’s lesson) are subject to a referral to the office with “Failure to comply with a reasonable request”.