• Grievance Process
    Student Safeguards: Students and their parents, as their representatives, have all the rights given to every citizen by the Fifth and fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Many of these rights, which pertain specifically to education, are defined in this document. These rights are protected through a procedure called Due Process. This information defines the Due Process procedures for corporal punishment, suspension, and assignment to an alternative program, expulsion, and filing a grievance.
    Student Grievance
    It is desirable for school officials to provide a means for the expression and resolution of student grievances and complaints. Students should be encouraged to discuss their grievance or complaint informally with the person involved. To this end, functional orderly procedures have been established through which consideration of student problems and concerns can be discussed and resolved quickly and equitably. 
    Grievance Procedure
    1. The grievant should request a conference with the teacher or person(s) who allegedly treated the student unfairly.
    2. If the conference fails to resolve the issue, within (5) school days the grievant shall file a written grievance with the principal who shall issue a decision, in writing, not later than five (5) school days following receipt of the written grievance.
    3. A grievant wishing to appeal the principal’s written decision must file a written appeal with the Superintendent or designee not later than five (5) days from the date of the receipt of the Principal’s written decision.
    4. The Superintendent or designee shall schedule a conference to hear the grievance no later than five (5) school days following receipt of the notice of appeal and shall issue a decision, in writing, no later than five (5) school days following the grievance conference.
    5. The decision of the Superintendent shall be the final decision of the school system. A copy of the Superintendent’s final decision shall be sent to all involved parties no later than ten (10) school days following receipt of the appeal by the Superintendent.