Wellness Center

    The Wellness Center at Smyrna High School is open during school hours. All students in grades 9-12 can access services, once their parents or guardian have completed a consent form. Students who are 18 can sign consent for themselves.   
    High School Wellness Center Services
    • Physical health - routine physical exams, sports or employment physicals, treatment of minor illnesses or injuries, immunizations, prescriptions for routine medications, family physician follow-up, health screenings, including those for communicable infections.
    • Laboratory tests - Urinalysis, strep throat culture, mononucleosis rapid test (monospot), pregnancy and general skin and wound cultures.
    • Mental health - Drug and alcohol counseling, tobacco cessation, self-esteem enhancement, stress and anxiety intervention, anger managmet, outreach to at-risk youth, suicide prevention, individual and family counseling and referral services.
    • Nutrition - information on healthy eating, special diets, weight management and sports nutrition.
    • Education - programs to promote a healthy and safe lifestyle, including smoking prevention/cessation, individual and group health education, responsible decision making, healthy lifestyle habits and health promotion.
    Contact Information
    Bayhealth Wellness Center
      at Smyrna High School
    500 Duck Creek Parkway
    Smyrna, DE 19977
    P:(302) 653-2399
    F:(302) 653-1342 
    Hours of Operation
    7:15 am –  3:30 pm on each day school is in session.
    The Wellness Center is located in the 130's hallway near the Nurses Office.
    From the main office - exiting the office we can be found on the first hallway to the right of the grand staircase.  We are next to the Nurses Office after passing the red double doors.  

Our Mission

  • Meeting the Needs of Today's Adolescents
    The mission of the Smyrna High School Wellness Center is to provide our teenagers with a means of obtaining health services that can be coordinated with each teen’s family physician. The center is structured to meet not only the physical needs of today’s adolescent but also the health education, nutritional, mental and emotional needs. The focus of the Wellness Center is on prevention services with a goal of promoting positive physical and mental health.
    Adolescents are typically a medically underserved part of the population. They need a readily accessible source of care that is sensitive to their developmental and emotional needs. The school system is an ideal setting for the delivery of preventive health services. Access to health services on site and education regarding healthy lifestyles should increase school attendance and improve the student’s ability to concentrate in class. 
    The services available at the Wellness Center were developed by a Wellness Center Advisory Council comprised of parents, students, faculty, and healthcare providers. Services are provided by Bayhealth Medical Center in partnership with Delaware Health and Social Services Division of Public Health.  All students registered at Smyrna High School, in grades 9-12, are eligible to become a member.  Minor students, under the age of 18, must have parental or legal guardian consent to access services. Each student's parent or legal guardian must sign a Parental Consent Form, complete the Medical History Form and return both to the Wellness Center before the student may receive health care services. Services cannot be provided without a completed consent form.
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