• Honors Courses (Grades 9 -11)
    Honors courses at Smyrna High School are designed to prepare students for the advanced work of Advanced Placement Courses and college.  To accomplish this, honors courses are accelerated to accomplish more concepts in one school year.  The teachers provide students with opportunities to deepen their thinking, work creatively, and accomplish tasks that they would not be able to on their own.  
    Each courses' goal is to help students to achieve independent mastery of the curricular standards for their grade level and content.  Teachers accomplish this through:
    • Higher Reading Levels
    • Novel Studies
    • Conceptual Problem Solving
    • Deductive Reasoning 
    • Higher Order Thinking
    • Research Projects and Experiments
    SHS Honors Courses:
    English Department:
    • English 1 Honors
    • English 2 Honors
    Math Department:
    • Algebra 1 Honors
    • Geometry Honors
    • Algebra 2 Honors
    • Pre-Calculus Honors
    Social Studies Department:
    • Civics/Geography Honors
    • Economics & Personal Finance Honors
    Science Department:
    • Physical Science Honors
    • Biology Honors
    • Chemistry Honors
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