Book Suggestions from Mrs. Jones

These awesome new books are in our library, I've read them all and think that you might want to get a copy!

Genesis Begins Again (by Alicia D. Williams) - Teenager Genesis battles her negative self-image as a dark-skinned African American and her emotional struggles in search of friendship and acceptance. Her personal challenges are compounded by her unstable home life set with addiction, abuse, and economic uncertainty. (realistic fiction)

Never Caught, the Story of Ona Judge (by Erica Armstrong Dunbar) -As a slave in the household of George and Martha Washington, Ona was a valued worker until her escape in 1796. This nonfiction look at the Washingtons’ persistent search for her return provides a necessary glimpse of another element of early American history. (nonfiction history)

Refugee 87  (by Ele Fountain) - Suspense drives this story as a young refugee’s life is upended and he struggles to flee a controlling government’s power and cruelty. Shif’s journey to seek freedom is filled with danger and fear with the undertones of hope and kindness. (contemporary historical fiction)

The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise (by Dan Gemeinhart) - Coyote and her father travel the country in a school bus in an attempt to escape from grief in the aftermath of a devastating loss. When Coyote realizes she has the chance for some closure, their journey changes in purpose and allows for empathy to positively affect their lives.  (realistic fiction)

Roll With It (by Jamie Sumner) - The limits and concerns that impart Ellie’s life with cerebral palsy accompany the new stresses of moving to help care for her ailing grandpa. Ellie’s struggle for acceptance and quest for friendship accompany the narrative of her quest to become a skilled baker. (realistic fiction)

Song for a Whale (by Lynne Kelly) - As a deaf child, Iris becomes fascinated with the plight of a whale being studied for its unique song, which causes a communication gap for reaching others within its pod. Iris’s talent with radio repair and her connection to the whale’s situation inspires her to research a way to help. (realistic fiction)