• The Smyrna School District subscribes to the Restorative Practice approach to discipline as well as providing Trauma Informed Care to all students.  Restorative Practice is a social science that studies how to improve and repair relationships between people and communities.  The purpose is to build healthy communities, increase social learning, decrease antisocial behavior, repair harm and restore relationships.  Restorative Practice may be accomplished by the use of any of the following:  conference with the teacher, conference between students, conference with the school counseling team, conference with administration, and/or classroom restorative circle.  Smyrna High School is also committed to the philosophy of progressive discipline.  Each school administrator, therefore, has the discretion to determine the necessary action based upon the severity and/or regularity of each offense.  Each school administrator will of course, select among the action options outlined for each infraction in the student code of conduct. 

    The following Discipline Code of Conduct is in force:

    • On school property prior to, during, and following regular, school hours.
    • While students are on a school bus for any purpose.
    • At all Smyrna High School-sponsored events and other activities at which school administrators or staff have jurisdiction over students.
    • Off-School Property resulting in criminal charges.

    The Discipline Code of Conduct shall apply to out-of-school conduct by a student if the District believes that the nature of such conduct indicates that the student presents a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of other students and staff.  Out-of-school conduct rising to this level of severity may result in an expulsion recommendation of up to/including 180 school days and shall include but is not limited to:

    • Acts of violence, which are punishable by law.
    • Sexual offenses, which are punishable by law.
    • The sale, transfer or possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, which would constitute an offense punishable by law.
    • Felony charges.